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To the thuggiest sisters ever, happy sibz day <3 
You guys are the weirdest, best sisters a non-thuggy girl could ask for :)
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24 hours later, we only have 2 hours left of DM 2014!! 
Some of the most grueling, but most rewarding hours of my life! 
#DM2014 #UCLA  (at UCLA Pauley Pavilion)
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Miss you, trouble maker ♥
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Bucket list: see Ellen. We are so close! I just wanna see her amazingness in person & hope that it rubs off on meeee. #imatellen #ellenismyfavoritepersonever  (at The Ellen DeGeneres Show)
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New York, you have been nothing but  unadulterated joy & excitement from the moment we started planning to leaving the airport. 

Don’t worry, it won’t be long before I come back! 

To the doorman who gave us the free umbrella when it was pouring today, bless your beautiful soul :) who said New Yorkers were not nice people?? 

#bestspringbreak #NewYork #imamissyou
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Food items should have more food babies. When a croissant and a donut love each other very much, THIS magic happens!  (at Dominique Ansel Bakery)
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Day of Firsts:
frrozen hot chocolate
&seeing snow fall
&NY cheesecake
&hailing a cab
&Halal Guys

New York, is it too soon to say, I love you. #nyc #snowday  (at Top of The Rock Observation Deck)